Their Way

Use a neutral flavor like Corn, Wheat, Rye or Potatoes.

Purchase a beautiful, old-world copper still utilizing traditional distilling technology.

Distill the spirit numerous times to make it as tasteless as possible.

Purchase a high-speed, automated bottling machine.

Spend lots of $$$ on a slick marketing campaign.

Hire scantily clad young chicks to "sell" your product.

Find outside investors to grow the brand.

Extend the brand into lots of kiddie flavors…bubble gum, cotton candy, PBJ…..mmm, yummy!

Our Way

Use a flavorful, toasted 2-row malted barley.

Purchase a utilitarian looking still from New Zealand that uses leading edge technology to precisely separate the desired and undesired alcohol molecules.

Distill it once, distill it right! Our unique still achieves absolute spirit purity in one distillation. This preserves our flavor character and aromas.

Fill and dip each bottle by hand. Needless to say, bottling day is one we all look forward to (yeah, we occasionally "spill" a bit...wink wink).

Our marketing campaign consists of canning jars filled with samples and three middle aged fat guys selling door to door!

We're guys...we're not opposed to this, but our wives might kick our asses!

Screw that! Investors just want to make money. We want to make a great vodka!

We focus on our goal of making the best vodka in the world. Flavor distractions won't help us achieve that goal!